Celebs Winter Trend Report

December has finally arrived and that means the beginning of Winter will be here any minute. With the rush to buy last minute christmas gifts, find that perfect holiday party dress, and even impress that special someone on New Year’s Eve; we are here to help you with all your most dire shoe needs. Below is our Winter Trend Report for 2015 and *drumroll please* 2016!

  • 1. Leopard Print. Leopard accessories and apparel are really taking off this season with popular bloggers and other celebrities rocking this fierce print. Whether on a coat, a scarf, or your fabulous heels it is easy to see that leopard is a staple you simply must have in your wardrobe. Meow!
  • 2.  Cowboy Boots. Who would have thought that the South's most popular shoes would be such a great addition to the fashionistas closet? But don't worry, these aren't your grandpa's basic brown boot. Add some flare with awesome designs, studs, or even some tassels for an extra something special. 


    3. Over-the-Knee Boots. No longer are over-the-knee boots seen as a risqué fashion choice and is instead being embraced as a way to show off your killer gams. What better way to show off your leather leggings than with a pair of suede or leather over the knee boots? Talk about making a scene.

    4. Peep Toe Heels. Sure winter is coming but for all our warm weather friends snow may not be an issue (am I sounding jealous because I am). Peep Toe Heels are a great way to showcase your new pedicure whilst also wearing a fabulous pair of heels. These can be paired with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, skirts, and the list goes on!


    5. Fringe. Who wants a plain-jane shoes when you can turn heads with a boho fringe?! With the rise of awesomely fringed shoes, gone are the days of boring old stilettos. These were seen all over the runway this past fall and continue to reign supreme on all different types of apparel and accessories. Count me in!


    Hopefully this inspires you to go out there and express your awesome self this Winter season! And of course sending these ideas to friends and family members for some gift inspo is always encouraged. 




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