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May 29, 2016


So unless you’ve been living under a rock, shockwaves were sent round the world when Nike announced that those self tightening laces from Back to the Future Part II were actually not too far from being an actual reality. Great Scott! Who would have thought that technology could one day not only improve the comfort and support of footwear, but also become as high-tech as our laptops and smartphones. Let us now take our own ride in the DeLorean back to the future of footwear.

It is no surprise that Nike is leading the way in innovation as they dive into some seriously unbelievable territory. In the past few years sustainability has become a major topic of conversation as our resources become more valuable to maintain. Well don’t you worry your pretty little head because Nike is also becoming a part of this conversation with sustainable materials in their footwear. But, it is proving to be a harder feat than they ever thought possible with many of the companies they buy their materials from unwilling to release information about the properties in their products *YIKES!* As they continue to invest in more eco-friendly projects we can only hope that all shoe companies will band together to make an impact on our carbon footprints.

But technology isn’t just about being aware of the environment, they can also just be downright fun! Ladies and Gentlemen introducing the Rollerball.

These funky looking contraptions are soon to become the World’s newest version of roller skates. Basically how they work is the center ball will only allow either the front or the back wheels to touch the ground. This will help with turning corners faster and (this is the best part) spin completely 360 degrees using only the center ball! How rad!

Sometimes futuristic footwear don’t even have to be useful; it can just be really cool to look at. This is the case for all those awesome new metallic and even neon shoes that are becoming more popular amongst the shoe savvy individuals who want to make waves with their kicks.

Take these glowing electric sneakers from Converse as an example. I mean imagine rocking out at a club with these on. Go ahead girl and show off your awesome dance skills as you light up the dance floor.

Of course as we are becoming a more app driven world the advancements made in these technologies are also creating new paths for footwear. The app Shoefitr uses 3-D technology that scans your foot and actually gives consumers exact measurements to making shopping online that much easier.

Going even further into the world of 3D is the use of 3D printable footwear. Now this my friends is truly the future. This is really going to become the norm for shoe designers, especially small businesses, as they create their unique blueprints for shoes and the Voila! Who knows maybe one day we will all have our own printers that we can instantly download the blueprints for and BAM you have yourself a customized, one of a kind shoe.

Here are some actual 3D printed shoes that were worn at Milan’s design week.

With companies like Vans, Timberland, and Northface joining forces to collaborate on new technology these futuristic features are going to become more available to the wider public. Our fast paced world needs to have shoes that can keep up with the ever-changing world of apparel. Now in the words of the man Walt Disney himself “Keep moving forward,” even if that does mean cruising along on your hoverboard.


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