Travel Responsibly: Eco-Friendly Summer Style

July 14, 2015


Summer vacation for the social, urban fashion enthusiast is the long awaited return of rose, rooftops, sun-kissed skin and, for some lucky few, summer Fridays. It’s the perfect time to travel; whether it’s a long weekend in the Hamptons or across the globe, we are inevitably enthralled by diverse culture and fashion. Travel forces us to consider our individual impact on the world in which we live and the moral and environmental footprint of the products we love.

Fashion brands that develop visually aspirational pieces while also consciously making charitable and sustainable efforts are at the forefront of the industry and are shaping the way we fuse our fashion and moral interests – therefore our soul and sole!

While fashionistas are jet-setting and globe-trotting this summer, we highlighted brands that effectively strive to keep this world a beautiful place.

Stella McCartney Embellished Faux Leather Sandals

Preservation of the planet has become, in its own unique way, trendy and chic and Stella McCartney has successfully implemented eco-friendly practices, ceasing the need for luxury wear to turn a blind eye to the destructive and wasteful use of particular materials. Energy conservation, diverting waste from landfill, tree planting initiative, opening LEED certified retail venues, and the use of organic cotton and the elimination of real leather and fur are the primary ways in which Stella McCartney makes conscious efforts to improve the planet through high end design.


Stella McCartney Lace Espadrille Wedge Sandals

Olsenhaus, a shoe brand developed by Elizabeth Olsen, maintains a distinct mission to eliminate all animal products and is marketed as a high end “vegan” shoe. The exotic and eye catching footwear serves as a voice for those who have none, and is tangible proof that vegan products can be just as, if not more luxurious and stylish. Enhancing one’s ethical consciousness through fashion is undoubtedly re-shaping the industry.


Olsenhaus Bowtie Pointed Toe

The opportunity to travel this summer gives us an equally overwhelming and humbling experience. True style is the fusion of our fashion sense and moral character. By taking a step forward in striking shoes with a purpose of preservation, we do more than just appreciate the beautiful places we travel. We give value.

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