So unless you’ve been living under a rock, shockwaves were sent round the world when Nike announced that those self tightening laces from Back to the Future Part II were actually not too far from being an actual reality. Great Scott! Who would have thought that technology could one day not only improve the comfort and support of footwear, but also become as high-tech as our laptops and smartphones. Let us now take our own ride in the DeLorean back to the future of footwear.

It is no surprise that Nike is leading the way in innovation as they dive into some seriously unbelievable territory. In the past few years sustainability has become a major topic of conversation as our resources become more valuable to maintain. Well don’t you worry your pretty little head because Nike is also becoming a part of this conversation with sustainable materials in their footwear. But, it is proving to be a harder feat than they ever thought possible with many of the companies they buy their materials from unwilling to release information about the properties in their products *YIKES!* As they continue to invest in more eco-friendly projects we can only hope that all shoe companies will band together to make an impact on our carbon footprints.

But technology isn’t just about being aware of the environment, they can also just be downright fun! Ladies and Gentlemen introducing the Rollerball.

These funky looking contraptions are soon to become the World’s newest version of roller skates. Basically how they work is the center ball will only allow either the front or the back wheels to touch the ground. This will help with turning corners faster and (this is the best part) spin completely 360 degrees using only the center ball! How rad!

Sometimes futuristic footwear don’t even have to be useful; it can just be really cool to look at. This is the case for all those awesome new metallic and even neon shoes that are becoming more popular amongst the shoe savvy individuals who want to make waves with their kicks.

Take these glowing electric sneakers from Converse as an example. I mean imagine rocking out at a club with these on. Go ahead girl and show off your awesome dance skills as you light up the dance floor.

Of course as we are becoming a more app driven world the advancements made in these technologies are also creating new paths for footwear. The app Shoefitr uses 3-D technology that scans your foot and actually gives consumers exact measurements to making shopping online that much easier.

Going even further into the world of 3D is the use of 3D printable footwear. Now this my friends is truly the future. This is really going to become the norm for shoe designers, especially small businesses, as they create their unique blueprints for shoes and the Voila! Who knows maybe one day we will all have our own printers that we can instantly download the blueprints for and BAM you have yourself a customized, one of a kind shoe.

Here are some actual 3D printed shoes that were worn at Milan’s design week.

With companies like Vans, Timberland, and Northface joining forces to collaborate on new technology these futuristic features are going to become more available to the wider public. Our fast paced world needs to have shoes that can keep up with the ever-changing world of apparel. Now in the words of the man Walt Disney himself “Keep moving forward,” even if that does mean cruising along on your hoverboard.


I read once that there are two types of women when it comes to fashion: women who dress for other women, and women who dress for men. Those who fall into the former category tend to experiment and are on the forefront of fashion.  Other women might find what they’re wearing fabulous, whereas a man would be confused. If this category is embodied by Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, then Sophia Vergara might characterize a woman who dresses for men. She turns guys’ heads with her impossibly high, and unabashedly sexy, heels. In this vein, I asked three guys what they really think of women’s shoes and the women who wear them.

Cody, 25, Engineer from Denver, Colorado

When picturing what shoes a party girl might wear, Cody offered, “She probably wears high heels, like bright red ones. And she brings flats in her purse and carries her shoes by the end of the night.” Envisioning a ‘good’ girl didn’t inspire as vivid a picture: “she probably would wear flats that are pretty bland.”  On his own preferences, Cody finds casually and comfortably dressed women the most attractive. “Depending on the outfit, I like knee-high boots with a small heel. I really don’t like tall platform heels-- those aren’t classy.  But, I especially don’t like those Birkenstock sandals,” he cringes at his last observation of the ugly-chic shoe trend that’s currently enjoying a moment in fashion. And sneakers? “Those should only be worn when working out.” On the contrary, in a poll conducted by SoleScription of 96 guys, half thought that sneakers were attractive and a third of the guys considered sneaker-wearing women fun and adventurous.


Aaron, 22, Investment Banker from New York, New York

Being accustomed to a formal work environment, Aaron pictures the career driven women he works with and ballerina flats come to mind. He’s quick to point out that he likes that look or pumps for the work place. On his dislike list? “Oxfords. I don’t like shoes that look like they’re meant for men.” Outside of the office, he’s a fan of short boots (especially with dresses) and heels. But heels aren’t the be-all-end-all of attractive footwear in his mind (Nearly a third of guys said that they are indifferent if a woman wear heels), “I like when women are comfortable and aren’t slaves to high heels. A pair of sandals, like those simple Tory Burch ones, are cute, or those kick-around sneakers, like bright colored Keds. My rule of thumb is heels are hot, flats are nice and put-together, and sneakers are cute.” He concluded, “I just don’t like anything too busy.” 


Erich, 26, Graduate Student from Providence, Rhode Island 

“A nice heel always looks good but I’m not too picky. To be honest, I don’t really notice women’s shoes. Unless they’re really bad, then I notice.” Unlike Erich, almost 39% of the guys polled strongly agreed that they usually notice a woman’s shoes. When pressed for what constituted really bad shoes he replied, “I don’t know off the top of my head. Like really strappy ones that go all the way up the leg. The gladiator look went out with the ancient Romans, those don’t need to happen again.” In our poll, 64% agreed that classic black pumps are very attractive, a clear leader, and nearly 48% voted that a pair of knee-high gladiator stilettos are very unattractive. One Reddit user, who goes by McScumbag,  took our poll and succinctly summed up his take on women’s shoes, “Women’s shoes strongly affect my initial perception of them: 1. Jordans, platform wedges, flip flops (off the beach), heels with straps that go up [the] calf, clear plastic stripper heels = we probably won’t get along. 2. Tasteful leather pumps…ballerina flats, boots, chucks, strappy sandals = hey stranger!”

And because we love data, we sent a survey to over 100 men between the ages of 18-35 to get their perspective once and for all. 82% of the men agreed with the statement 'the type of shoes a woman wears can tell you about her personality while 72% felt that 'there have been times when shoes affect your opinion of a woman'. Although 73% felt that they usually notice a woman's shoes, slightly less than 47% felt that shoes greatly influence their first impression of a woman. It is also not surprising to learn that 85% of the men appreciated a woman who has nice shoes. But what about the old-aged question of heels vs. flats? Well, 40% of the men preferred 'a woman who wears heels' while 33% are indifferent. Now let's get down to specific styles....



When presented with a pair of classic stiletto pumps, nearly 100% of the men agreed that this style is attractive and indicative of a woman who is 'professional' and 'confident'.


However, when it comes to the gladiator-style shoes that women can't seem to get enough for a few seasons, 75% of the men thought the above shoes were unattractive and 41% viewed them as synonymous with a woman who is a 'party girl'. 

There's also good news for women who seek comfort, support and height! 75% of the men in the survey thought wedged shoes are indeed attractive but seems to be divided between their opinion on whether this style is for a 'party girl' or a 'professional woman'. 

Who doesn't love a pair of ballerina flats? Well, 71% of the men also agreed that they are attractive and professional.

And for all the athletic women out there, a slight majority of men found these shoes to be attractive while 42% thinks they're not. That said, men found that women who wear sneakers are 'fun and adventurous, 'low-key', and the 'girl next door' type.

On the other hand, a slight majority found these TOMS flats to be unappealing but 73% viewed them as something that the 'girl next door' and 'low-key woman' would wear.

And there you have it! 

December has finally arrived and that means the beginning of Winter will be here any minute. With the rush to buy last minute christmas gifts, find that perfect holiday party dress, and even impress that special someone on New Year’s Eve; we are here to help you with all your most dire shoe needs. Below is our Winter Trend Report for 2015 and *drumroll please* 2016!

  • 1. Leopard Print. Leopard accessories and apparel are really taking off this season with popular bloggers and other celebrities rocking this fierce print. Whether on a coat, a scarf, or your fabulous heels it is easy to see that leopard is a staple you simply must have in your wardrobe. Meow!
  • 2.  Cowboy Boots. Who would have thought that the South's most popular shoes would be such a great addition to the fashionistas closet? But don't worry, these aren't your grandpa's basic brown boot. Add some flare with awesome designs, studs, or even some tassels for an extra something special. 


    3. Over-the-Knee Boots. No longer are over-the-knee boots seen as a risqué fashion choice and is instead being embraced as a way to show off your killer gams. What better way to show off your leather leggings than with a pair of suede or leather over the knee boots? Talk about making a scene.

    4. Peep Toe Heels. Sure winter is coming but for all our warm weather friends snow may not be an issue (am I sounding jealous because I am). Peep Toe Heels are a great way to showcase your new pedicure whilst also wearing a fabulous pair of heels. These can be paired with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, skirts, and the list goes on!


    5. Fringe. Who wants a plain-jane shoes when you can turn heads with a boho fringe?! With the rise of awesomely fringed shoes, gone are the days of boring old stilettos. These were seen all over the runway this past fall and continue to reign supreme on all different types of apparel and accessories. Count me in!


    Hopefully this inspires you to go out there and express your awesome self this Winter season! And of course sending these ideas to friends and family members for some gift inspo is always encouraged. 





    The 1910's

    The Great War of the early 1900’s returned many styles back to a less opulent expression of fashion. It was a time of dark and brooding colors as well as shorter skirt lengths *showing your calf? Shocking!* As most income was put towards the war effort, affordable and functional fashion was the mainstream. Shoes were not saved from these modest styles either. The one’s pictured above became the norm for women in order to get down to work with sensible and supportive footwear.

    The 1920’s

    Gatsby? What Gatsby? Shoes of the 1920’s show some serious backlash from the years of the Great War. As hemlines got shorter and shorter, the importance of fashionable footwear also gained widespread support. I mean if you’re gonna do the Charleston, what better shoe than the classic Mary Jane? Along with the fancy feet came more shoe designers as well as shoes that were worn for different occasions. Cleaning your house? There’s a shoe for that! Going for a swim? Well, there’s a shoe for that too! It was no longer about getting your shoes custom made. Now you could pop into a department store with ready-made shoes and Voila! you have the newest designer shoe (sound familiar?).

    The 1930's

    If you are anything like me the thirties are a fuzzy time in fashion (Oh it is just me? Great.) Well when I do think of the 30’s it is always that two-toned oxford shoe. Obviously that little money problem that happened at the end of the 20’s, known as the Great Depression if you haven’t heard, caused a more money-conscious society. This could be why most fashion sites will tell you that the differences in fashion from the 1920’s to early 1930’s isn’t that impressive. However, much like my grandmother’s shoe collection, every women’s shoe had a heel. No matter how short or tall a girl had to have that extra  boost. Another unique feature were perforations *aka tiny holes* in the body of the shoe that made them distinct to the 1930’s.


    The 1940's


    Watch out, here comes another World War! And along with the war came that same return to practical footwear seen before the 1920’s. But styles were still very similar to the past two decades, just without the flare and color. Since most materials were needed to support the war, you would see reptile skin as well as other chunky fabrics on most shoe designs. But during those hot summer months it wouldn’t be uncommon to see women wearing Espadrilles to stay cool. Hmm...I wonder where this current fashion trend is inspired from? Loafers and peep toe shoes were also on the rise during this decade.


    The 1950’s


    Finally, the fifties begin to push away from the practical and back towards the fashionable. Unfortunately, shoes did not get the same revamping that they so desperately needed. Instead, since other garments and accessories became the style focus, shoes remained more-or-less basic in design. They weren’t clunky like the 40’s, but more simple and understated. The little kitten heel was a classic staple while flats were worn while keeping up with work around the house. Oxfords, mules, sandals, and slingbacks were a shared style from the 30’s and 40’s.


    The 1960's

    You can say goodbye to those droll styles of the past because the sixties puts the love back into footwear. The baby boom caused a massive surge of young people during the 60’s which made way for some seriously outrageous fashion! Who can imagine this decade without the colorful knee-high GoGo Boot? Even flats saw their way out of the house and into the outside world with less focus on putting a heel on every shoe.  The 1960’s were a time of great change both in fashion and politics. The trends reflected the current state of the country, with a more conservative Jackie Kennedy look at the beginning to the counter-culture and Woodstock movement at the end of the decade.  No matter where you sat in popular culture, your shoes were always outta sight, man!

    The 1970's

    The 70’s were all about being groovy, man. If there is any shoe that immediately comes to my mind when I think of the 1970’s that is the platform. This was not only a trend for women but men as well! Another popular trend? Sneakers! Up until the 70’s, wearing running shoes was never about being fashionable. But who could resist looking like your favorite Olympic star? Standing alongside the running shoes were also the “health-conscious” look of Birkenstocks and Earth Shoes once people started to realize their platforms may have been doing more harm than good. Some other popular shoes? Cowboy Boots! After all, these boots were made for walking.

    The 1980's



    Remember those sneakers from the 70’s? Well the 1980’s truly brought sneakers à la mode. Inspired by the popular basketball players during this time, Nike became the leader in sneaker sales. Neon was everywhere, in your hair, your jacket, and especially on your shoes. And Voilà! jellies were born. These shoes were extremely popular amongst girls and other adolescents. But what would the 80’s be without the Yuppies and their boating shoes and penny loafers? And, of course, we can’t forget about our reliable friend Chuck Taylor. If you think Converse All-Star sneakers are popular now, they were all over the place in the 80’s.  They were, like, totally bitchin’.

    The 1990's

    Dust off your Doc Martens because it’s time to go to the 90’s. Grunge, preppy, what have you. The 90’s had a wide range of styles and trends, and shoes were right there in the mix. You can thank the likes of Baby Spice and the rest of the Spice Girls for the resurgence of the Platform shoe. Even I couldn’t escape this fashion trend and forced my parents to get me thrift store platforms that had definitely seen their heyday back in the 70’s where they belonged. And long before the dawn of the Sketchers Shape-Ups, Sketchers were actually an acceptable shoe to be seen wearing. Skating culture was also reaching new heights and from this skater shoes became extremely popular amongst young men. Would you say “As If” to these shoes?

    The 2000's


    You may find yourself saying ugh but the early 2000’s gave birth to every basic girl’s dream, the Ugg boot. As much as I hate to admit it, these shoes are mega comfortable. What I would consider a factory explosion others may call Crocs. But I digress. This moment in fashion saw everything from gladiator sandals to Heelys. With shows like Sex and the City designer names became even more, if not already, more prominent in the minds of aspiring fashionistas all over. Whatever your fashion may have been in the early 2000’s, most likely it was a style taken from one of the previous eras of shoe culture. And in the immortal words of Paris Hilton (another staple of the early 2000’s) “That’s Hot.”


    2010 - Present

    Sweet Mary Jane Suede Black Chunky High Heel

    Chanel Espadrilles

    Black Eskelae Chelsea Boot

    In a way the current decade has really been about borrowing; taking from past generations and just adding distinct flairs here and there.  Shoes haven’t seen crazy changes but instead have come to rely on the classics. But why not! If it ain’t broke… This can be seen in the classic Mary Janes, Espadrilles, or even the Chelsea Boot made popular in the 60’s by the Beatles. Whether it’s adding a platform or a small kitten heel, fashion mavens are able to express their unique style however they want!

    As long as you’re expressing your own unique self you are on trend, it doesn’t matter what decade you’re in. Now go out there and become the next designer that makes a shoe style that defines a decade. But one thing I ask of you, leave Crocs in the dark corner where they belong.  






    City women are no strangers to navigating treacherous terrain in perilous footwear. We hoof around the city in mountain-high heels, across Tribeca’s cobble-stoned streets in wedges, tactfully maneuver around sidewalk grates that trap stilettos (I call those “high-heel cattle-guards”), and simply put on a brave face when our flats have rubbed our feet raw with blisters after walking across four avenues. But place a tough, hard-soled, scrappy New Yorker in the wilderness—not the concrete jungle but the authentic woods, rain, and dirt kind of wilderness—and she may be at a loss for her well-heeled shoe wisdom. It’s a whole different animal.  (image above: Teva high heels)

    Having grown up in the rural West (some of you similar transplants from the countryside probably got my cattle-guard reference) and become an assimilated New Yorker, I’d like to offer up a few basics for tackling the great outdoors – fashionably, of course. For starters, don’t forget your shower shoes. If you’re roughing it, but not committing to the full bathe-in-the-creek-if-you-bathe-at-all scenario, and a camp shower is in your midst, you’ll want to make sure there is a layer between your feet and who-knows-what’s been on the tile. I recommend a jelly sandal that will hold up well to water. Also around the campsite, a comfy slip-on shoe will be welcome break after a full day of hiking around in your boots or sneakers. Besides your quick jaunt to the shower, you’ll probably want something closed toe to keep the campsite dirt out. 

    La Sportiva Primer Surround GTX Hiking Shoes

    Hunter Women's Original Short Back Adjustable Rain Boots

    Salvatore Ferragamo 'Pandy' Sandal

    Soludos 'Dali' Slip-On

    Once you leave the relatively cushy surroundings of your campsite, you’ll need some functional footwear for your day’s activities. If you’re recreationally trying hiking or fishing for the first time, you’ll probably want the plebeian’s version of the appropriate gear: sneakers and rain boots. For light hiking, your usual gym shoes should do the trick but if you want something that’s more durable to the elements, a hiking shoe will serve you well. A hiking sneaker will be lighter-weight and probably more comfortable (and wearable when you get back to the city) then its more formidable counterpart: the hiking boot. If your daily endeavor includes a riverside trip to try your hand at fly-fishing, you can take along some footwear you probably already have in your closet. Instead of wading thigh-deep in rubber overalls, cast your rod from the banks while your feet stay dry in rain boots. My other advice for your excursion? Pack lots of thick socks and a box of band-aides—your feet will thank you!


    New York Fashion Week always comes in like a storm on the horizon, but leaves like a lovely sunset. This season SoleScription teamed up with Studio 15 for an amazing night of fashion and glamour. On a gloomy Saturday in New York City’s Meatpacking district, the Gansevoort Hotel’s Chester Room was in full swing. Beginning with press invites and bloggers from various places around the globe, the event started with a bang. Photo after photo were taken in the nightclub like atmosphere.  The room was prepped with lights, videos, and charming displays. Signature cocktail drinks were being made rapid-fire at the bar while some of fashion weeks finest attendees surveyed the scene. A DJ set the mood with upbeat house music while the guests started to flow constantly in and out of the jam-packed room. Studio 15 had some of their unique pieces available for women to try on when that one special piece caught their eye. Solescription displayed their designer flare within a jungle-themed showcase.

    Watching the guests incredible style was perhaps the most amazing part. Everyone showed their personality through their clothing and accessories. It was absolutely to die for! 

     As an added perk to the event, guests were able to have the smokey eye or fishtail braid of their dreams by the the incredibly talented makeup artists and hairstylists at the Beauty Bar. Anything you could ask for, they could do for you. And as the photographers snapped the night away, it was a magical time for everyone. 


    Although Fashion Week can’t last forever, this spectacular event has definitely left a mark on our sole.



    This past New York Fashion Week the SoleScription team was on fabulously armed and ready to help with the Angela Simmon’s commemorative uniforms and fashion line for the 90th Anniversary of the Harlem Globetrotters at the annual Kia STYLE360 event.


    As the line formed around the building, one felt the sense of a nightclub-like atmosphere. Celebrities with their entourage, photographers clicking away, and hundreds of fans swarmed inside the large gallery of the Metropolitan West. Watching as the attendee’s pushed and shoved to make sure they were correctly checked was an overwhelming site to behold. Not only were they anxious to get in but as the time to the show approached closer and closer, the people with seats were still scattered to find their locations.



    Opening the audience to more than just the standard seating allowed the general public to catch a glimpse of the new line. As a bonus for the fans, there were ten winners selected to win a seat, complementary harlem globetrotters ball, and a photo with Angela on the STYLE360 red carpet. This, however, proved to be a challenge of rallying up the winners and separating them from the other fans. But there was no time to waste because the show was starting with a long line still trying to get inside the event!


    Each piece kept the Harlem Globetrotter’s infamous theme alive with blues, reds, and whites.


    Not to mention tons and tons of sequins!!! The styles of clothing consisted of crop tops, short skirts, flirty dresses, and fun little exercise bands as the cherry on top.

    The menswear line was comprised of basketball jersey’s which really gave the show a more sports-driven vibe. All of the jersey’s were a part of a commemoration for the Harlem Globetrotter’s. This was the first time their style was ever seen on the New York Fashion Week Runway!


    And of course we can’t forget about the shoes!!! The fashion show mainly consisted of sneakers but the guests had their own style as well. We saw everything from fur covered heels to extremely glamorous thigh high boots.


    Boots seen here on Model Damaris Lewis were amongst the most popular styles.

    If you love comfort then the shoes seen on this runway would be perfect for you! There definitely weren’t going to be any falling models in this show.

    For all the guests, their fashion flair was put to the test. These unique shoes ran rampant amongst all the fashion-forward attendees. No one shied away from expressing their inner shoe-lover with wild prints or sneaker-inspired lace-up heels.


    All-in-all it was a great way to salute the Harlem Globetrotters in a city that knows fashion can be found in even the unlikeliest of places.

    Until next time fashion week!

    A film plot centered around a pair of stilettos might seem bizarre. But for the fashionista, these movies touch our sole. At an early age, we learn that pumps have the power to get us home, find us love, and of course, give a girl confidence. It’s no wonder that shoes are a girl’s best friend.

    1. The Wizard of Oz, 1939

     Dorothy may have stolen her ruby red slippers, but we can’t blame her for wanting to spice up her farmgirl aesthetic. MGM’s chief costume designer Gilbert Adrian created the famous sequined shoes, which underwent several modifications during production.  The first version had an “Arabian” look, but were deemed unsuitable. Another version had more structured kitten heels; but these were too heavy. The sequined version was the final shoe. This pair is on display at the Smithsonian Institution.  

    2. Pretty Woman, 1990

    In this 90’s romantic comedy, Julia Roberts’ iconic thigh high boots were made for her incredible legs. While the shoe designer is unknown, we have to credit him with helping Roberts’ rise to fame; these boots were an essential part of her character. Pretty Woman launched Roberts into Hollywood stardom and thigh-high boots into their reign within the fashion industry. Even now, we are head over heels for Givenchy’s sensual gypsy inspired collection and Kendall Jenner’s stylish thigh-highs.

    3. Ever After, 1998

    This Cinderella inspired tale starring Drew Barrymore called in legendary shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo to create the “glass slipper” – a leading lady in her own right. The shoe was designed and crafted with the Medieval time period in mind. To ensure that the shoe was fit for an iconic princess, it was hand woven with meters of silver thread and 1000 Swarovski beads and 200 pearls. The pair is currently on display at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California.  

    4. Sex and the City, 2008

    Sex and the City is known for its compelling sense of luxury, designer fashion. When the series’ movie production commenced, it was clear that each wardrobe had to wow fashion enthusiasts and be lust-worthy of every woman living in New York City. Memorable pieces include the Vivienne Westwood gown and the stunning blue Manolo Blahniks. The Hangisi Manolo Blahnik pumps were also made famous, undeniably having a pivotal role in the film’s Manhattan happily ever after.

    Why is owning an item from a different time so captivating? Despite developments in trends and technology, vintage t-shirts, jeans, jewelry and outdated typewriters and polaroid cameras still have our hearts. These items transcend consumerism; they are a piece of history, and thus, perhaps a piece of art.

    Shopping for vintage shoes is a completely different experience than shopping at Bloomingdales; each pair is a unique treasure instead of a mass-produced product. Only a single pair of shoes exist in a single size, as if it were the only version in the world. While you silently hope that these shoes are your size, you are faced with a million questions; “Who owned these?” “What year were they made?” and “Why would anyone ever get rid of these?”

    Vintage shoes have a history and personality of their own. They hold a different promise than a brand new pair of shoes freshly wrapped in a shiny new box; they have a timeless quality that elevates them to the status of art. Vintage shoes are not subject to rapidly changing trends, but sustain and continue their own charm and beauty. Having a wearable piece of the past makes for an indefinitely unique addition to your collection.
    So where does one find these vintage gems? Manhattan is home to several designer consignment shops with beautiful collections of vintage, luxury shoes. These shops also have professionals who authenticate designer shoes, so your only worry is if they fit!


    Housing Works – 245 West 10th Street

    This thrift shop was first nestled in the West Village and then branched out to more locations in Manhattan. HousingWorks is not a conventional thrift shop; they donate a portion of profits to health, housing and care services. Their primary mission is to raise awareness about and ultimately end HIV/AIDS and homelessness.

    To keep their philanthropic spirit alive in their stores, their sales associates are volunteers with interests in these activist issues. Their vintage shoe collection starts at $5-$10 all the way up to more expensive prices for designer shoes by designers such as Christian Louboutin.


    Vintage Thrift West – 242 West 10th Street



    Located right across the street from HousingWorks is another thrift shop filled with trendy, exciting pieces. Although Vintage Thrift West space is small, the thrift store’s layout makes the thrifting experience exciting. They also keep a collection of classic luxury pieces in the middle of the room. Overall, this boutique has a true vintage atmosphere and is perfect for a day of sifting through vintage finds and exploring new looks.



    A Second Chance – 155 Prince Street

    Stopping here is a must when you travel to SoHo. A Second Chance is a completely high end, designer resale boutique. The majority of inventory is accessories and bags, including mainly vintage Chanel and Hermes. However, the back of the room features a wall of designer stilettos – the highlight was the precious Chanel ballerina flats from the past. They appear to be very selective, only taking striking shoes in excellent condition; most of their with which pieces they take and only took striking shoes in very good condition. We would recommend coming here to find classic, colorful and playful heels.


    Second Time Around – 111 Thompson Street

    If you are looking for a balance of vintage clothes, accessories and handbags, visit Second Time Around. In addition to having a large inventory of fabulous clothes, they also have a large wall of designer shoes. Out of the thrift shops that we visited, they have the largest collection of designer shoes, including Prada, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin.

    Even though several sizes are available and the they are in quality condition, the shoes are not as trendy or aspirational as we would like them to be. Regardless, definitely come here if you are looking for a steal on designer shoes.

    Here are some more resources to help you plan a day of vintage shop-hopping:

    Time Out's Best Vintage Clothing Shops in NYC

    Gothamist's 7 Best Vintage Stores in NYC

    Complex's 10 Best Vintage Clothing Stores in NYC

    Steffy's Pros and Cons

    Happy Thrifting!

    Summer vacation for the social, urban fashion enthusiast is the long awaited return of rose, rooftops, sun-kissed skin and, for some lucky few, summer Fridays. It’s the perfect time to travel; whether it’s a long weekend in the Hamptons or across the globe, we are inevitably enthralled by diverse culture and fashion. Travel forces us to consider our individual impact on the world in which we live and the moral and environmental footprint of the products we love.

    Fashion brands that develop visually aspirational pieces while also consciously making charitable and sustainable efforts are at the forefront of the industry and are shaping the way we fuse our fashion and moral interests – therefore our soul and sole!

    While fashionistas are jet-setting and globe-trotting this summer, we highlighted brands that effectively strive to keep this world a beautiful place.

    Stella McCartney Embellished Faux Leather Sandals

    Preservation of the planet has become, in its own unique way, trendy and chic and Stella McCartney has successfully implemented eco-friendly practices, ceasing the need for luxury wear to turn a blind eye to the destructive and wasteful use of particular materials. Energy conservation, diverting waste from landfill, tree planting initiative, opening LEED certified retail venues, and the use of organic cotton and the elimination of real leather and fur are the primary ways in which Stella McCartney makes conscious efforts to improve the planet through high end design.


    Stella McCartney Lace Espadrille Wedge Sandals

    Olsenhaus, a shoe brand developed by Elizabeth Olsen, maintains a distinct mission to eliminate all animal products and is marketed as a high end “vegan” shoe. The exotic and eye catching footwear serves as a voice for those who have none, and is tangible proof that vegan products can be just as, if not more luxurious and stylish. Enhancing one’s ethical consciousness through fashion is undoubtedly re-shaping the industry.


    Olsenhaus Bowtie Pointed Toe

    The opportunity to travel this summer gives us an equally overwhelming and humbling experience. True style is the fusion of our fashion sense and moral character. By taking a step forward in striking shoes with a purpose of preservation, we do more than just appreciate the beautiful places we travel. We give value.